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Somatic mutations altering microRNA-ceRNA interactions
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Browse genes associated with cancer risk that contain miRNA related somatic mutations

Somatic mutations that alter miRNA target sites: PAR-CLIP and HITS-CLIP [14 records found]

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Transcript ID Gene Symbol Mutation ID
hsa_circ_0064634 RBMS3 chr3:g.29488466G>A
hsa_circ_0064634 RBMS3 chr3:g.29488494G>A
hsa_circ_0064635 RBMS3 chr3:g.29612787C>T
hsa_circ_0064635 RBMS3 chr3:g.29612792T>A
hsa_circ_0064635 RBMS3 chr3:g.29662471G>T
hsa_circ_0064635 RBMS3 chr3:g.29692381C>T
hsa_circ_0064641 RBMS3 chr3:g.29762938G>A
hsa_circ_0064641 RBMS3 chr3:g.29762963A>T
hsa_circ_0064641 RBMS3 chr3:g.29762965C>A
hsa_circ_0064641 RBMS3 chr3:g.29767313T>C
hsa_circ_0064641 RBMS3 chr3:g.29800400T>C
hsa_circ_0064646 RBMS3 chr3:g.29897436C>T
hsa_circ_0064646 RBMS3 chr3:g.29897438C>T
NM_001003793 RBMS3 chr3:g.30009113G>A

Somatic mutations that alter predicted mRNA-miRNA target sites [13 records found]

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Transcript ID Gene Symbol Mutation ID
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30003985T>G
NM_001003792 RBMS3 chr3:g.30005197A>C
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30005318G>A
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30006240T>C
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30006343G>C
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30006837G>A
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30007492T>C
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30008502G>T
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30008904T>A
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30009113G>A
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30009433G>C
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30009692T>A
NM_001177711 RBMS3 chr3:g.30010163G>T